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Grants Portal Training

Public Assistance Grants Portal key take away information pieces – here is what you should expect on a high-level note: The Recipient (the State) most likely will collect the Applicant’s contact information at the Applicant’s Briefing*. The Recipient (the State) then uses their rights, from FEMA, to invite the Applicant to use Grants Portal. The Applicant now should await the invite e-mail from Grants Portal. The Applicant then clicks the link, usually to create their organization. After all the organizational information has been filled out in Grants Portal, and it has been submitted, the Applicant should now receive the Recipient’s approval. Applicant then receives the login username and temporary password to log on to **

*Informational Public Assistance Briefing Meeting” - facilitated by the State usually, after a presidentially declared disaster. ** FEMA reserves the right to update the Grants Portal process at any point in time, and we are not obligated, nor would possess the insider knowledge to update this website with any of those real time updates. This website, is only an accumulation of already available public information.